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Help For The Next Flu Pandemic
Although I am guilty of the quick easy pain relief as of late(need to purchase aloe juice). I wanted to add on the natural form that we have used many times. Aloe vera juice is great! Not only is it full of needed minerals and a natural healer for the GI(most our immune) but is great for pain/inflamation. I havent personally tried the capsule forms as it seems to me it would be to processed. As far as a loosener anyways. But have heard seniors report of how good it works for arthritis. But that could be an ad push thing. I need to dig more on those forms as would be much easier. Noni juice is said to be as affective as 75% morphine. We have not personally tried but is worth looking into. The fruit itself is said to be a great natural healer. 
I wanted to add on the NSAIDs. This is used of course by many to relief the fevers and pain during illness. There are facts that show the nsaid's delay the body from recovering/healing. Prolongs the illness. Fever as scary as it may seem(if to high) is necessary at least low grade for the body to fight virus's etc. Not saying to bake your brain, but a low grade fever is good! So knowing as WA has mentioned that nsaid's may be bad during illness(which I have always suspected also) it is worth learning on the natural forms of relief for the aches/to high of fevers. Now please if you get a high fever use thought and remember, high fevers can trigger seizures and cause brain damage. But at the same time low grade is ok and needed.
WA I wanted to add on about the NSAIDs. They also damage the intestines and gut flora(good bacteria). Considering we need a flourishing GI/good bacteria and its part in the good immune(gi over 80% of our immune) then it makes sense on the pain meds(script/otc) and the making worse of virus's etc.
Here is something to think about:  My daughter just had foot surgery to correct a bunion. Dr. cut the bone in half, so basically broke her foot.  She can Not have Advil type meds for 8 weeks after surgery.  It interferes with the healing of the bone.  Here I would have thought Advil would have been good because it is an anti inflammatory but in reality, you want inflammation in the bone area so it will heal quicker.  Something to keep in mind when reaching for the fast pain relief.  Sometimes you want the inflammation while other times you don't.
Poor girl.  You mentioned earlier that there is high fever when dealing with her strep infections.  My Sister in law also deals with a child like this.  The only thing that brings her dangerous fever down is Homeopathic Belladona in 30C strength 3-4 pellets melted in the mouth or dissolve in little water and drink.  My niece will spike a fever in less than 30 minutes.  98.6 to 105 that quick.  She has had Hallucinations and many trips to the ER from fever due to infections.  The OTC meds only bring it down a little sometimes, she usually needs to be treated by a doctor but the Belladonna allows them time to get to the doctor without worrying so much about the side effects of the fever.  

Belladonna is only for the Fast moving and High fevers in children don't use it for low grade or slow to rise fevers.  It will help in other situations but you need to have the references handy for when if you plan to use it in any other scenario.  A vial is perhaps $8 and will treat many cases.  It does not always deal with the underlying cause of the fever, that you will likely have to treat with an alternate course of treatment. This will give you time to deal with the illness appropriately without worrying quite as much about the scary fever.  It can be repeated as needed if the fever spikes again.  In infants you can dissolve a pellet in small amount of water and use a cloth to rub on the temples.  I have seen this work to reduce fever by 2-3 degrees in matter of minutes not hours. has a reference that you can download for free called An Epitome of Homeopathic Healing Art by B L Hill.  This is a good reference that is free since it is 150 years old.  The basics are all the same as the current books on the subject, and there are some common sense fixes that are not used in today's medical field.
Whoa, only think I know about belledonna is it is poison, lol.  I will do some research about that.

@Jmath, also, thank you very much for your concern over her fevers!  They are horrible.  Her foot is healing, surgery was on Dec 20th and hoping that she goes to a boot on the 15th.  She is SICK of crutches.
Not a medicine but part of our flu preps include disposable gloves, aprons and masks to try and stop it spreading. Thanks for all the info so far. Learnt loads
(01-11-2013, 04:40 PM)Whiteangel Wrote: Whoa, only think I know about belledonna is it is poison, lol.  I will do some research about that.

@Jmath, also, thank you very much for your concern over her fevers!  They are horrible.  Her foot is healing, surgery was on Dec 20th and hoping that she goes to a boot on the 15th.  She is SICK of crutches.
You are correct in the fact that belladonna is very poisonous.  The way homeopathy works is they give a pellet or liquid that has been diluted down to the point that it is in this case harmless in the physical sense.  The energy of the belladonna is what creates a immune system response that allows the body to trigger the effect of the fever reduction.  The pellet is simply a lactose sugar that has been infused with the energetic imprint of the belladonna without actually containing belladonna.  

Homeopathy works on the basis of like treating like.  The same symptoms that you would get if you were poisoned by belladonna toxicity are what the homeopathic treatment will fix.  That is why I said that the fever had to be Fast and Extremely High.  Those are some of the symptoms that Belladonna the plant create.  There are other symptoms, but those are two of the main ones. 

Homeopathy is not a cure all in that there are many remedies that need to be researched before treating any major illness.  Once you know what the standard ones are in your family you will be able to deal with the smaller things as they arise.  It is not a substitute for taking your daughter to get her strep looked at, but it is an emergency fever reducer in the Belladonna 30C case.  

If you do try this, make sure the strength is 30c or 200c not higher or lower.  They are based on the dillution level, Roman numerals, where C equals 100 times.  X would be 10 times. M is 1000 times.  There are other dillution letters out there but these are the main ones. Now just when you think you may have this figured out, the strength of the remedy is based on the smaller the dilution level the weaker the remedy.  X is weaker than C and C is weaker than M.  That is the opposite to what people generally think.  The energy of the remedy gets stronger based on the less of the substance there is in the remedy.  Belladonna in the 30C strength is a not too strong nor too weak remedy.  

These are remedies are not for the do it yourself preparations. Due to the poisonous nature of some of the mother substances I would never think about creating them from scratch.  That is best left to the pros. Not all are made from poisons though.  There are some made from each of the  minerals that our bodies are made from.

My niece responds to this very well and she has had more bouts of fever with every illness that she gets than most of us have in an entire life.  Conventional fever treatments did very little for her.  Her mother now always has Belladonna 30c, and refuses to be without it.  

Hope that clears up a bit of the alarm of hearing about using a poisonous substance.
The next flu pandemic could be manmade. The self imposed restictions on the geneticly mutated H5N1 virus is being restarted. The research if ya remember was to make it transmittable from human to human to study it's effects, and supposedly how to cure it. It was a splicing of the ebola vius with it to make it transmittable. How long after research makes it's findings and procedues known do you think some group will find a way to hit us with it?
Very good research Goose. They are also using H1 and H3
this past week so just think what this soup can create.
Lord help us all if it gets out of hand.

Please keep us advised of any new updates.  :zombie2:
Just when you though flu season might be winding down here comes another one. The "Sydney" flu is a beauty, noone according to the CDC  has immunity to it. There are also no flu vaccines for it.
A new strain of norovirus that wreaks havoc on people’s stomachs is so vicious that it’s being called a “superbug” by doctors.
Though it was first identified in Australia, this norovirus — also called the Sydney strain — is quickly spreading across the United States.
Because no one has immunity to this new strain, more Americans — perhaps 50 percent more, the CDC says — could become violently ill.

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