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Prepping Your Garden Space Early
Here are a few hints to get that garden space ready EARLY before spring. It will make it so much easier to get going when your ready to plant. The way things look on the world horizon, this may be the most important garden of your life. So take everything serious and plan ahead.
Work and Sweat today
Eat and Live tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!


You should get started now! (Depending on your geographic area).

Things to do in the off season:
  • order seeds for the coming year
  • get ready to plant your seedlings inside
  • prepare any cold frames, row covers you may need
  • till new beds if adding
  • test current soil
  • check tools for breakage/repair
  • plan your crop rotation
  • Keep a notebook of your progress
  • document seeds ordered/where to plant
  • prepare to turn under your garden crop
  • repair/replace any garden stakes
  • setup your composting area
Since its still full fledged winter here in my back yard, I am taking advantage of it and planning my starter seeds and what my garden will contain. Also started a leftovers garbage can outside so I will have healthy fertilizer when its time to plow,till and plant.
Drawing a garden plan now can be a great start to lots of wonderful food in the summer and fall.
Is that your garden in the photo? It is so neat! Fantastic.

Mine is productive chaos, crazy permaculture style and full of wild life.

I prepped early and had seed trays indoors just after Christmas. We are now eating salad and rocket with fresh coriander and parsley. I also have a garden patch of edible flowers.

Tired tonight as we planted out tomato, physallis and courgette plants. All surrounded with a thick straw mulch which also adds to the untidy look but is practical.

I drew a garden plan and left it outside overnight, the slugs have eaten half of it !
Thanks for the info.Confusedmile: we had a really early spring. gardens been going for over a month. Tomato plants are over 2ft tall.we have had a dozen days over 90 here. It started in march.
im am just lovin my garden this year! it aint much, (10x40), but its bustin out of its seams! i keep wanting to try new things and im out of room. so far, theres tomatoes, grean beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onions, cabbage, watermelon, squash, potatoes, and a nice littlr patch of strawberries. this thing was mostly just to see if some of my plans have any chance of success, and has worked out so well that yesterday i tilled up another 10x40 spot yesterday! my new additions will be sweet peas, lettuce, more potatoes, corn, and a row of daisys on the edge for my lady.
gardening rocks!!
You all put me to shame with all your big gardens!! I have a planter at this time with 48 sq ft of gardening area, lol. DH is hoping to finish 2 more for me by the end of the season, so it will be ready next spring.

I want to get or make a compost tumbler. Would any of you happen to know how to do this on the cheap, so cheap it is almost free? Talking about one of those that the compost goes into a barrel and you spin it daily. Instead of taking a whole season, compost is ready in a month or so when it is still warm out.
It's January, the snow is on the ground, the seed catalogs are out, and you are dreaming of playing in the mud and dirt!!

Let's talk about all things gardening;
How to plan
What seeds you plan on planting
Growing your own seedlings
Graphing your garden spots so you know how much room you have even if it is only container gardening. 

Okay, I am chomping at the bit and it happens every year at this time.  Tomorrow it will be 52 for the high, then it goes down hill till we get to Sat which will be 20 for the high.  Yup, dreaming of flowers, and tomatoes, and peas, and corn, and green beans, and yes this year I want to put in a herb garden that is for spices as well as medicinal, and zucchini, and can't forget cucumbers, oh wait, onions, and radishes and garlic and yes, I want to see what I can do with a potato box, and and and
When do you get to start putting plants out?  Here our season is from mid May to early Oct (if we are lucky). You get to look forward to 20 in a few days, that is our heat wave right now.  -15 plus wind is coming soon.  That is considered normal.  When it hits -40 then the school buses don't run.  Dreaming of some spring days and drooling over the seed catalogue.  
Had great luck with spearmint, chocolate mint, lemon balm, parsley, basil, italian parsley, chives.  The mints were cut and dried 3 times last year, mostly for tea,  hope that they are as hardy as they are supposed to be.  Italian parsley was huge.  Wonderful herb garden.  Planted swiss chard for the first time and dried some to hide in other foods.  Call it parsley if anyone asks what the green bits are.  In fall bring in a small plant of chives, did that last year but not this year and really miss it this year.  Could hardly keep up to the plant til it gave up in Feb.  Sure nice to have those fresh greens in winter.
Anyone know the name of a good pie pumpkin or suitable squash?
Looking for a good heritage corn variety for North of the northern plains.  Reasonably short season a must.  Looking at Golden Bantam and orchard baby.
Checking out Pennsylvania dutch butter flavor popcorn and tom thumb popcorn.
Remember to have gourd seeds in your preps even if you don't need them any time soon.  When you break all your cups and bowls the dried gourds can be a stand in for you.  $1 pkt is cheap insurance for the future.  
Back to dreaming of greens.
The norm around here for tomatoes and other tender plants, Memorial Day, with most pushing it at the first of May if the weather is good.  We have been known to get heavy snow even in mid May.  We don't usually dip below zero often, of course this is Ferinheight temps and not Celsius. So 20F = -6.67C.  Our lows will be 5F = -15C
Gourds?  I thought those were a southern crop only.  Btw, here where I am is considered zone 5b.  Where I did the majority of my first gardening was mostly a 4 to maybe a 5a.  High desert is what it amounted to.

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