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Medicinal & Herb Gardening
Tried this out. Works better than I thought it would. Used Plantain and Yarrow.

The Best Poison Ivy Remedy in the World
I have a couple of questions about herbs.  Can you dry them in the dehydrator and if so, is it the same as air drying upside down? 

Do know you know what the shelf life is on the herbs that you dehydrate?  How best to store?  Right now most of my herbs and spices are in my freezer with nothing in Mylar.  One of my goals this year is to plant a medicinal and culinary herb garden.  I just don't know how to save the produce for long term.

I know we should all be working towards a sustainable life style, but we also know we need to plan long term also.  So what I grow, I plan to use some fresh with the majority going into storage.  I need help in that area.  Storing my stuff.  I have been saving all glass jars with this thought in mind.
Most herbs can be in a dehydrator. I believe it is sage that is best to air dry. Herbs will last a very long time, I have read of people using herbs from 20-30 years ago. I have most of mine in glass jars. Some in the freezer. Some in a cool, dark place. Certain spices I haven't bought in ages because of growing them myself. I grow and dehydrate oregano, lemon balm, sage, thyme, chives, marjoram and basil, all perennials. I have fennel growing but haven't dehydrated yet.  I will soon plant parsley and cilantro (i recall you don't like cilantro). I have a lot of other things but not always good at getting it dehydrated.
Thanks Opt.
I hadn't seen that video before, but it is a good one!  Thanks for posting it!  I can see I will be planting Yarrow this spring!
I am setting up a window hydroponics system, and plan on feeding with a compost tea.  Has anyone done this?  Any success/failure with different herbs?
Sounds intriguing - more info please.
My "system" will involve soda bottles inverted and connected with holes drilled so a couple times a day I will feed into the top bottle and that will travel through the plant bottles and be collected in an empty bottom bottle for reuse.  It's not automatic as I do not have the means for that at the moment, but I think it will do the job nicely.  The medium I will use is an organic vermiculite.  The bottles will have a hole cut out of the side for the plants, and the bottom half I will spray paint black to simulate soil.

When I get it going I will start a thread and post pics and instructions Wink  This will be my first attempt at hydroponics, so it will be an experiment.
I'm looking forward to that information!
I am too.  I use my kitchen window for plants all the time.  Since the window faces south, I water very often!

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