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Help For The Next Flu Pandemic
Is olive leaf oil stronger that oregano oil?
(01-29-2013, 03:12 AM)SouthCentralTexan Wrote: Is olive leaf oil stronger that oregano oil?
I would actually use them complimentary to each other.  There are tinctures that combine them. Its very popular with great results told, and if I was not Italian who used so much oregano in cooking I could fathom a supplement Wink
Since it looks like there is a possible new flu virus on the block, H7N9, thought it might be wise for everyone to start looking at their FLU preps. 

One important thing to remember, DO NOT USE ANY TIME OF ASPIRIN TYPE PRODUCTS.  This includes ibuprofen (Advil) or any other NSAIDS. 
Here is a list of NSAIDS if you don't know if what you take is:

Tylenol is okay.  I buy the generic brand.

NSAID's cause a Cytokin Storm in your lungs when you have the flu.  I have now tried this a couple of times to see if it really did make a bad cold or flu worse after taking ibuprofen.  It sure did.  Since I have a bit of asthma, most of the time a cold/flu triggers my lungs to rebel against my ability to breath.  Very frustrating!  So the last two bugs I got, as soon as I could feel the tightening in my chest, I stopped taking ibuprofen and switched to acetaminophen (Tylenol).  If you are like me, acetaminophen is useless for pain of any sort, but I used it for lowering my fever. 

Guess what?  I stopped the lung issue right away, by that night I was breathing fine.  Yes, I have only tried it twice so far when sick, but even when I have had a lot of headaches and use ibuprofen more than usual, I am now noticing a bit of asthma. No, I am not allergic to it, if you are wondering.  Several others have also been testing this and have seen a big difference also.

So, stock up on acetaminophen and ibuprofen, but don't take the Advil for the flu!!!!
Thanks for bumping this thread.  I just made some herbal tinctures on Sunday.  I also made some garlic honey for the kiddo.  It may smell bad, probably keep people away from her which isn't a bad thing.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Copy and save this information:

Prevention/Protection for Global Flu Pandemic:

Curcuma Longa
Standardized to 95% Curcuminoids

From Root

Must also contain:
Black Pepper Extract

Piper Nigurm
From Fruit
Brand Name: Bioperine

Notes: Bioperine is a brand name for "Black Pepper Extract", and also known as "Piperine". All three are the same thing, and they are needed as a synergistic enhancer to be effective for the flu.

It is also advised to take the above with extra virgin coconut oil as an additional enhancer.

Do not use the regular turmeric or curcumin spices as they will not work!

Dosing will vary according to weight and product. Example... 900mg daily dose suggested on bottle will need to be increased to more than one dose daily during flu pandemic.

There is no recommendations for children.
Want to bump this up for all the helps in flu/pandemic preps
With FEMA stocking up, we need to be stocking up also.  Please add to this list anything else that can be used for flu or plagues that could break out.
WOW!! @ Whiteangel  this is a great thread...lots of excellent info... I was going to chime in too but you covered everything I was going to add... great minds...:}  I did learn more about how to create Dr Christophers Anti plague formula tho... the book I have of his formulas just gives the ingredients but not the breakdown on amounts.. I usually make up some come flu season but never made it with the vinegar.. so will do that the next time... thanks.
I never get the flu shot and I make up my own remedies with much of what you have posted here... I don't have olive leaf, but use oregano, silver and GSE, plus herbs. I have been getting info from Dr. Sircus about baking soda and so have been telling folks about how its a great helper with alkanizing the body to treat many illnesses including cancer.
So keep the great info coming... am loving it...thanks
Bumping for cold season!

[Image: th?id=H.5032878213432281&w=245&h=171&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7]
Offer an olive branch, be ready with an arrow.

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